Meet Universal Audio's Volt Interface Lineup & Watch Us Track With The Volt 276


Universal Audio's new Volt series features five interfaces with analog tone shaping capabilities and price tags below $500. Watch our video for an overview of the entire lineup and hear us record a track with the Volt 276. More info here:

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Performances by Emily Parish (Vocals) and Ian Ruhala (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass). Engineered and mixed by Jake Halkey.

Time Stamps:

Universal Audio Volt Overview: 0:00 - 2:14
Session Explanation: 2:15 - 2:42
Drum Samples: 2:43 - 3:51
Bass: 3:52 - 5:21
Electric Guitar: 5:22 - 8:33
Acoustic Guitar: 8:34 - 9:53
Vocals: 9:54 - 10:54
Wrap-Up/Final Mix: 10:55 - 13:30

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Meet Universal Audio's Volt Interface Lineup & Hear A Track Recorded With The Volt 276
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