Migrating to GoLand from a Code Editor: Tips & Tricks


GoLand is the codename of the new Go IDE announced a half a year ago by JetBrains. In this webinar we look at this IDE from the perspective of a user of an editor such as Code, Atom, Sublime Text or Vim. We'll see where an IDE is inferior to editors and where it surpasses them.

Brian, as one who has migrated to GoLand from an editor, will share his experience: both good and bad. Florin, as an IDE advocate, will share share tips and tricks on how to get used to the IDE and get the most from it. If you wonder what GoLand can offer you over editors, or want to speed up your learning curve, this webinar is for you!

0:00 Intro
2:52 Settings
4:42 Installing IdeaVim
6:45 Database plugin
10:58 Terminal
11:45 Basic coding assistance
14:20 Run configurations
16:25 Tool windows
19:46 Search in settings
20:42 Presentation mode
22:05 Distraction free mode
22:54 Find action
24:51 Parameter hints
27:14 Error highlighting
28:45 Auto-importing packages via Alt-Enter
31:00 Code analysis indicator
31:40 Speed-search in the project tree
32:40 Navigate to a file
33:50 On indexing
36:29 Plugins
37:45 Search in settings
39:40 Semantic highlighting
41:28 Find usages
43:10 Quick definition
43:50 Splitting the editor window
45:35 Folding
46:12 Postfix completion
49:33 Keymap
50:48 Smart completion
53:35 Q&A

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