Mining With HiveOS | Step-by-Step Tutorial & Review


In this video, we will review HiveOs and provide you a full guide to get yourself up-to-date and going on HiveOs. We will cover all the basics as well as some troubleshooting steps and tips.

This guide is based on what I learned in the time I used HiveOs. There is still a lot more to cover and I do recommend checking other content creators, there are multiple awesome guides out there!

Sorry about the numbering mess up and if there are any additional editing mistakes!!

⌚ Timestamps:
00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Overview
01:57 - Pros And Cons
04:00 - Creating Your Account
05:55 - Setting Up Your First Worker
08:00 - Flashing HiveOs On SSD or USB
13:00 - Overclocking Your GPUs
17:17 - Flight Sheet Setup
24:14 - Remote Connection & Basic Commands
27:16 - Tips & Troubleshooting
32:05 - My Conclusion

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