MOON KNIGHT VILLAIN GODS! Are the Missing Gods the REAL Villains? | Rogue Theory


The premiere episode of Moon Knight has us wondering who Arthur Harrow is REALLY working for. Head to to get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free! Go to to save 50% off on your 30 day trial. Thanks to Geologie for sponsoring today's video. Head to and use code roguetheory120 to get $120 off.

As we venture into the world of Moon Knight, Khonshu and the Ennead, we are beginning to wonder if Steven Grant is trying to clue us in on the real big bad in this series by pointing out he missing gods on the poster in the museum. In this episode of Rogue Theory, Off-Screen Producer Brandon, Jessica Clemons, Whitney Van Laningham, and Tommy Bechtold give their theories on which gods might show up throughout the run of Moon Knight.

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