Moto G52 Full Review After 20 Days! Camera | Performance


Hi, gamers in this video we will Review Moto G52 After using it for over 20 days. This video is your one-stop video to understand everything that you should know about Moto G52 before making a purchase decision like Moto G52 Camera performance or its performance in general along with its software experience in day-to-day usage and other things. Subscribe zrur krna

Intro 00:00
Build Quality 00:25
Thinness 00:50
Display 01:10
Media 01:40
Audio 02:05
Performance 02:33
Gaming 03:15
Software 04:00
First boot 04:50
Interesting software 05:26
Camera App 05:47
Camera Samples 06:15
Selfie 07:03
Battery 07:40
Other features 08:14
worth it? 09:03
Worth at original price 09:26

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Video Gear I use :

➡Camera: Canon 90D

➡My DSLR lenses * Sigma 18-35 f
* Canon 24mm

➡My DSLR Memory Cards:

➡My Tripod ( video ) Digitek 605VD Pro Plus

➡My Tripod ( Travel )

➡My Tripod ( live stream ):

➡Light Godox SL60W:

➡Light Stand:

➡Softbox : Godox 80cm

➡My Mic setup : * Rode video mic Go
*Rode mini jack extension cable :
*Mic Stand :
*Rode Wireless Go :
*Rode Lavalier Go :
*Livestream / Podcast Mic : Blue yeti :
*Emergency Mic : boya BYM1

➡DSLR Gimbal: DJI Ronin RSC2:

➡Cosmus DSLR bag:

➡My laptop : HP omen 2015 (i7 7th gen, 1tb hdd, 128gb ssd, 32 gb ram, 4gb gtx 1050ti dedicated graphics )

➡My Mouse: Logitech B170 wireless mouse

➡My Primary Phone: iPhone 13 Mini:

➡My Editing Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM3:

➡My PowerBank:

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