OpenToonz News: New FREE animation software is out now - Goodbye OpenToonz? Hello Tahoma


In this video I show you the new FREE animation software, Tahoma. It's based on the OpenToonz code base with lots of improvements to make this, my go-to choice for animation and stop motion software. In this video I give a quick start guide and comparison to OpenToonz.

00:00 Tahoma
01:17 Download & run Tahoma
02:10 Creating a new project & scene
03:28 The layout, new theme & docking panels
05:14 The rooms
06:50 The Viewer (the main drawing area )
07:34 The timeline - horizontal and vertical (xsheet)
08:16 Add a drawing level to draw on
09:53 Add and edit colours
11:27 Start drawing with the brush tool
12:14 New drawing assistant modifiers - for straight lines
13:19 Miscellaneous: inc. Rendering to a file & FPS warning
15:18 Conclusion; Goodbye to OpenToonz?

Download Tahoma here:

Note, if Windows Defender shows you a warning, just click the More Info link, then you will see a button labelled Run Anyway. Click that and you're away ! It'll only ask this question the first time.

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Want to learn more about OpenToonz? Check out my Udemy course.
A complete guide to 2D animation with OpenToonz:

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