PHP Code Editor Overview - VS Code, Atom, Sublime Text & PhpStorm


In this video I share with you my thoughts on PHP Code Editors like VS Code, Atom, Sublime Text & PhpStorm which I find to be some of the best Code Editors and IDE's you can use for coding PHP.

A code editor is a text editor that's specifically for programming. Choosing the right code editor can make a difference when it comes to your productivity and efficiency as a PHP Developer.

An IDE is a Integrated Development Environment. The one I feature in this video is PhpStorm which is the absolute best IDE for PHP Development.

VS Code, Atom and Sublime Text are all Code Editors that are popular and used by developers because of the features they provide.

VS Code and Atom are both completely free while Sublime Text is a Freemium code editor.

In this video my goal is to give you a walk through of these text editors and IDE so you can see what they are like and if they are right for you.

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