POWERFUL PLACE!! Sit In This Place & Power Up SECOND BRAIN | Sadhguru on


Sadhguru said What is happening in the soil as microbiome activity And what is happening in the human gut is the same. There is a second brain in your gut, a whole lot of things as to who you are, how you think, how you feel, your level of balance, your equanimity, everything is decided by what's happening in the gut it's being referred to as a second brain or the gut brain.

00:33 Which type of food you must consume
01:15 What is Second Brain
01:42 gut is the place where the input for the chemical factory that you are, is coming all the food
02:34 How to handle Brain
03:12 top soil called as medicines or remedy
04:10 when mind is disturbed go into the jungles and the mountains and sit quietly
05:07 enrich the gut microbiome
05:26 In touch with soil
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POWERFUL PLACE!! Sit In This Place & Power Up SECOND BRAIN | Sadhguru on

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