Quickly Rename Multiple Files in Windows Without Software


In this Free Tutorial Video I show three little known file renaming hacks to massively speed up the renaming of multiple files and folders on any windows machine without needing to download or buy an software or applications. Everything you need to use these techniques are built in to your windows OS. These methods will work on any PC with Windows 7 or newer OS.

These techniques are great for quickly Bulk renaming audio, video pictures or any other type of file. These are methods you should be using to speed up your video creation process.

0:00 Video Overview and What to Expect
0:35 Basic methods to rename a single file
1:00 Rename Multiple Files quickly
2:31 Rename Groups of files at once (Filename(1), Filename(2), Etc.)
3:57 Renaming or Removing a single character in many files at once

Powershell code used in the 3rd method of the Video:
get-childitem *JPG | foreach {rename-item $_ $("(","")}
get-childitem *JPG | foreach {rename-item $_ $(")","")}

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