Read/Write FAT Driver and New DOS for the SIDE3 Cartridge


A detailed look at new developments in the SIDE3 loader its built-in FAT16/32 DOS for the 8-bit Atari. I demonstrate many of the new features, and dive into the code to make improvements in real-time. Beta due for release soon.

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Music: Night Ride -
Produced by: Aries Beats -
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Soldering and test equipment:

● Hakko FX-951 T12 soldering station:
● Best BST-863 hot air rework station:
● Anesty (Duratool) ZD-915 thru-hole desoldering station:
● Amtech NC-559 Tacky Flux:
● Goot Wick Desoldering Braid:
● Cynel Sn60Pb38Cu2 Tin/Lead Solder Wire:
● SysCheck by tf_hh:

Equipment and software used for video production:

● Open Broadcaster Studio:
● Droidcam OBS:
● Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T:
● Logitech 925e webcam:
● USB AV/s-video capture dongle:
● 135W Photography Studio Softbox Light:
● Final Cut Pro
● Apple Motion
● 15" mid-2015 Apple Retina MacBook Pro

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:45 The SIDE3 Loader's FAT drivers
00:08:20 The DOS Command Processor
00:16:25 Running applications and writing to the FAT
00:19:13 File and directory management
00:23:45 Making an improvement to the driver
00:44:26 Testing the changes in Altirra
00:48:23 Testing changes on real hardware
00:55:39 Large partitions and large files
01:01:54 Creating new disk images
01:07:46 File management inside the loader
01:10:13 Auto-mount cartridges
01:11:28 Testing the modded version of SDX
01:17:19 Inspecting newly written FAT files on the PC
01:18:55 Summary and conclusions

Driver for windows
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