Record Microsoft Teams Meeting Secretly - Microsoft Teams Meeting Screen Capture Recording


Record Microsoft Teams Meeting Secretly - Microsoft Teams Meeting Screen Capture Recording

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Online meetings are now the norm and sometimes you want to record a meeting so you can watch it again later. But if you're using Microsoft Teams and you start a recording using the built-in functions, everyone in your meeting will get a notification that you started a recording. That's because in some places you need everyone's legal permission before you can record them. So just check your local laws before proceeding. But if you really want to record a Microsoft Teams meeting secretly, watch this entire video!

You'll need to download a copy of OBS Studio. This is a popular piece of free software used by gamers to stream and record their gameplay. The best thing is that it's totally free. Just go to and download and install the version for your operating system. Once OBS Studio is installed, there's some minor setup I'll go over with you. The first thing to do is click on Settings on the bottom right. Then click on Output. Now check the settings in the Recording section. Here you can tell OBS where to store the recorded video on your computer. Just hit Browse and select a folder on your hard drive.

For recording quality choose High Quality, Medium File Size. In recording format I suggest using MP4 for the highest quality with the smallest file sizes. Under encoder just keep it at Hardware (QSV). Then click Apply. Under the Audio tab make sure desktop and the first mic are set to Default. Then in the Video tab, set the base resolution to 1920x1080 and set the output resolution to 1920x1080 as well. Then hit OK.

Back in the main OBS Studio interface, click on the plus button in the Sources tab. This tells OBS what to record. Here select Window Capture then click OK on the next window. I like to use Window Capture because there's a dropdown menu that let's you choose any open window to record. Hit OK when you've made your choice. To start recording, simply click on the Start Recording button on the bottom right just before the meeting starts. You should see the red recording indicator pop on.

And I wanted to explain here that I chose Window Capture for the source because it's really useful if you have 2 monitors. That way you can move the window you're recording to your 2nd monitor and continue to work on something else on the first monitor. When the meeting is over, just click on the Stop Recording button. And now you'll find the recording of your online meeting in the folder we setup in the beginning. And that's how you record Microsoft Teams secretly without anyone knowing. Nobody will be notified and OBS won't send out any notifications. Hopefully my instructions were easy to follow!

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