Relaxing Keyboard/Mouse sound ASMR (with handcam) | Bedwars solo gameplay


i actually tried to make a thumbnail lol, coulda turned out worse
Mic - Blue yeti (if you have this mic keep in mind that mic positioning and the room that you're in will have a huge impact on the sound)
Keyboard - Epomaker EP84
Pack - Azura 16x Ocean
Webcam - some logitech webcam i honestly have no clue which one i found it in my basement lol
Editing software - DaVinci Resolve 16
Recording software - OBS studio/Logi Capture
Laptop stand - the box my keyboard game in /:
Music - Wine (Lukrembo), Castle (Lukrembo), and Branch (never would've guessed it but Lukrembo)
Laptop Specs -
Graphics card - RTX Laptop 3060
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5900hs
RAM - 32 GB
Screen - 1920x1080p, 144hz
Mouse - Kain 122
Mousepad - Midnight desk pad ()
Client - Lunar
idk what else to put in the description lol
Sound recording software
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