ROLAND SP-404 MK2 Review // 9 tips & ideas to make the most of it // Tutorial for the SP-404 MKII


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0:00 Intro
1:35 Overview
6:15 Sample playback
10:55 Speed/pitch
13:10 Input effects
15:10 Bus effects
19:10 Pad fx routing
23:20 Sampling
25:50 Resampling
26:25 Slice & chop
29:00 Sequencing
33:30 Skip back
34:25 DJ mode
36:40 Software
38:50 Obscure shortcuts
40:20 Chords & scales
41:50 Phasing loops
42:25 Saving effects?
42:50 Odd meters
43:10 Loop links
44:10 Loop chokes
44:30 Overdub audio
44:50 Make a synth
45:50 Pros & cons
48:30 Outro

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