Saints Row 2 Remastered New Update | Improved Graphics and Textures and more


Hi, New Update to The Graphics mod has been working on. improved the Graphics and performance and merged Saints Row 2 HQ texture pack with Admixons Winter texture Pack ( They are Awesome ). I think I'm almost Done With The mod. ( ill be releasing a trailer and the original mod .....*Eventually*)

if you have any suggestions please comment below.

Why do I use Winter Texture Pack?
The Game Looks Great with the HQ texture pack ( it reminds me of Mafia 2 with my Reshade ) but when I added the winter texture it gave an illusion of playing a graphically superior version of the same game.

* The System Requirements are pretty High, I think it can be fixed when volition release the Infamous Saints row 2 PC Patch *

You need 4GB of Gfx Memory to Run This Game At 1080p.
Working with graphics
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