⌚ Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Four Months Later Review, Tips & Tricks!


In his latest video, Tshaka rants, shows you what’s new on Galaxy Watch 4 series, reconciles with Bixby, and drops some tips and tricks on you. 4 months in, this is Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (much of this applies to the standard Watch 4 as well).

00:00 Intro
1:33 Somethings have changed: New watch faces, new gestures
3:17 Battery Life: Make it last a bit longer
5:33 Watch Only Mode
5:52 Granular Volume Controls
8:00 Bixby: Reconciling my love/hate relationship with Samsung’s voice assistant
9:30 Capsules: Added functionality for Bixby
10:18 Lightning round: Check out these features
11:42 How to display more live workout info on one screen
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