Star Citizen | What I Expect At Citizencon & How CIG Could Improve (Opinion)


CitizenCon 2021 is upon us, and it's the biggest event of the year for Star Citizen. It's surrounded by hype, cheese, and a little bit of controversy. Is is an exciting event, while also being a slightly annoying one. And it represents a great time for community, as well as for funding. But after taking a year off the annual convention, the event returns. Let's talk about what we can expect from it, and why the change in time calls for a new type of event.

PS: I got the date so wrong at 00:46, I'm thoroughly embarrassed.

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00:00 The Biggest Event of The Year
00:42 Citizencon Watch Party
01:00 What is CitizenCon?
02:30 What I Expect at CitizenCon
12:52 CitizenCon Needs To Change
14:00 What The Gameplay Should Be
14:55 How Can You Watch The Event?

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