Surface Pro X x64 applications | Installing Windows Insider Build 21277


In this video I walk you through how installing the latest Windows Insider Preview build 21277 on the Surface Pro X which bring with the it ability to emulate x64 bit applications on the Surface Pro X or other ARM powered Windows 10 PC.

With 64-bit emulation you'll be able to run 64-bit (x64) apps on Surface Pro X.

As you are required to run a developer preview of Windows 10 on your Surface Pro X, I do caution that there may be glitches, issues and bugs so I wouldn't recommending doing this one your main PC

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Enrolling into Windows Insider Preview
2:03 Different Windows Insider Channels
3:26 Warning about this update
4:56 Issues with the first installation
6:09 Update Update Update
6:30 Installings Windows 10 Insider Preview 21277
7:17 5 Hours
7:51 Trying to run an app without 64bit emulation installed
8:39 Install almost completed
9:25 Issues
10:50 Moment of truth! Trying a 64bit app
9:50 Additional software requirements

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Additional Driver Source |
Windows software
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