Symposium#1 Discussion on Learning & Key Takeaways Part II


International Symposium
Mediation In Our Culture & Traditions
4th August to 30th September 2021

90+ Speakers from 40+ Countries
Does it get any bigger?
Does it get any better?

Schedule of the Symposium and details of the Speakers is available on

Keynote Address was by Ken Cloke on 4th August. You can read more about Ken on The Closing Address will be by Prof. Sukhsimranjit Singh on 30th September at 8 PM India Time. Prof. Singh is the Judge Danny Weinstein Managing Director, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, California.

The sessions will be live-streamed on my YouTube Channel and the recording will also be posted here.
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Theme of the Symposium
Mediation has been part of our Culture & Traditions. It is part of our Cultural Heritage. It has worked for us for centuries and it can and will work for us today.
People around the world may not be familiar with the word "Mediation" but they are familiar with the process as it has been used from time immemorial.
We will be discussing the ways that Mediation has and is being practised around the world.
We have to develop a #CultureOfMediation which is part of our Culture.

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