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- Amazing iPad - I love finding new and better text editors for the iPad and here with Textastic we have an iPad text editor that is also great for iPad programmers to use as an iPad code editor. You have coloured syntax highlighting with is great for programming but also cool when you are writing in Markdown. Here I show you how I use Textastic to write in Markdown, I use innovative features like the extra row of keys that are swipeable to more character options.

Textastic is the best iPad text editor I have found yet and it ticked more goes that any others I have tried so far. I love the extra row of keys and the cursor navigation controller. both of those are quite innovative and very useful. I found the app by using the iOS text editors comparison table on Brett Terpstra's web site. The list is interactive and when I had clicked on all the stuff I was looking for in a text editor for iOS Textastic kept coming up in the filtering.
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