The Ashplant REVISITED - a reel in E Dorian tabbed for mandolin and played by Aidan Crossey


2 October 2021. A classic E Dorian reel, much loved and for good reason!

***NB Printable versions of tab used in these videos are available to download for free at - follow the link to "learn some tunes."***

Why "revisited"? In early June 2021 I took the opportunity to review the sound quality of the sound files in the videos which I posted to this channel when I first established it in November 2020. My original recordings were made with recording equipment which was a little more primitive than my current set-up and I hadn't figured out how to remove ambient noise from the sound files. I'm now using a Zoom H1n digital recorder and I clean away ambient noise and normalise the sound file to -3dB using Audacity software. I'm also playing different instruments to the Eastman MD304 which features on those early recordings and which has since been sold. Therefore I decided to re-record the "offending" sound files with updated and improved versions. From time to time in these "revisited" videos I will play the tunes in both a mandolin version(s) and a tenor guitar version, each of which will hopefully spotlight different aspects of the tune in question. I hope these new recordings are easier on the ear and a better aid to learning tunes than the original sound files.

Notated, tabbed for mandolin and played on his Eastman MD304 mandolin (original website sound file with background noise cleaned up) and then separately on his G&O #34 mandolin and Ashbury AT-40 tenor guitar by Aidan Crossey. More on this and many other tunes from the Irish musical tradition at - follow the link to "learn some tunes".

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