The Real School


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The Real School

For days I wanted to write a poem,
about becoming smart.

Because a world leader who is responsible for education, and a failure,
called uneducated and unvaccinated people idiots.

People protect what little they know,
the correct path forward is to lovingly help them to know more.

Not insult them,
for standing up what they believe in.


The reason the world is not advancing as smoothly as one would hope,
is because there are no honest leaders, only pretenders.

It takes litter effort for a liar to destroy an honest person,
it may not be possible to have honest leaders.

We must take education in our own hands,
without real education, intelligence, class and wisdom, the liars will use us.

And then,
call us idiots.


I've decided that writing about correcting world leaders,
is a waste of time.

To call someone, who one is responsible for: an idiot,
is to cease being a leader of any kind.


Some days into thinking about it,
I realized that nobody is interested in helping people become smart.

The teachers were always focused on putting food on their table,
they will never figure out that teaching is not a job.

And leaders of nations are concerned with employment figures,
they are clueless about what an education is.

And to quote a movie, they "lack the mental capacity",
needed to grasp the fact that schools are not working.

Leaders want workers,
teachers want food.


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I somewhat hate to say it, but the new educational system,
is an electronic gadget.

It will work fine as an app on a cheap smartphone,
though there must be an audio only version.

Not everyone can read,
not everyone can see.

In fact the audio device can't even have a,
"press and hold" to turn on, it needs a regular button that lights up.


The audio version will become the most beloved masterpiece,
I am certain it will be used as an introduction to the more interactive version or versions.


It is not as simple as using an audio player,
because the user must be allowed to choose the next topic.

My favorite book, "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson,
has only one flaw, you can't choose your path through it.

The choose your own path,
similar to "[Choose Your Own Adventure][1]" books, is key.

In audio format the listener gets an overview,
in the interactive phone app format the user begins on a journey of a lifetime.

They will build a unique portfolio,
to replace all the fake resumes we have

They will build a path that cannot be forged,
a path as unique as their curiosities.

When a user discovers a missing topic,
just like in Wikipedia they will create it.


The topics or lectures have nothing to do with standardized education,
they will not aim to help students pass standardized tests.

There are no grades here,
just the path.

Reviewing lessons learned and paths traveled,
to aid in remembering important discoveries and ideas will be one of the many features of the interactive program.

Part [Wikipedia][2], part [Wikiversity][3], part [Khan Academy][4],
it is a choose you own path school that presents topics in a way that helps to learn.

If a person wants to begin their education by selecting the vaccines topic,
they will be presented with hundreds of related topics after they watch the introduction.

This is not just a list of all things related to vaccines,
but a list of topics that are easy to grasp relative to the knowledge the user just acquired.


The content Creators, Editors, and Translators,
are the students, what better way to learn than to contribute a topic.

More than just breaking away from standardized education,
and useless tests that force students to memorize without comprehension.

The school aims to enable the students with new talents,
in a way similar to [Wikihow][5].

Each topic expands the student's intelligence,
they grow in Knowledge, but also Wisdom, and Class.

Where the websites I mentions present information without an aim,
the Real School hopes to inspire each and every student to become a Great Being.

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