the ultimate guide to editing ~CUTE & AESTHETIC~ videos | animations, VHS effects, music +more!


✿this is the ultimate guide to editing ~CUTE & AESTHETIC~ videos | editing 101 tips from a real editor. ✿ animations, VHS effects, green screens, music , fonts , transitions +more!

My years of self taught editing and two years of college has brought us to todays video: aesthetic editing 101. I go over my video editing programs, file and folder management, how to use green screens, making doodle text animations, how to use procreate for youtube videos, how to make borders for youtube videos, how to make animated text, how to mask videos, using transitions in videos, colour grading your video and finally, exporting your video. (how i use my ipad for youtube)

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✿Video chapters: (feel free to skip around!)
00:00 - intro
00:39 - my video essentials
01:24 - video editing programs i use
01:57 - file management & organization
5:30 - rough cuts/ first edit
6:28 - JKL keyboard hack
7:16 - ***spice up your videos***
7:24 - using music & audio levels
9:15 - using fonts & some of my favs!
9:29 - how to use green screens
11:31 - using procreate for graphics
12:09 - my fav procreate brushes
12:33 - how to make borders/ frames
15:15 - how to animate text & doodles
20:32 - masking videos
24:35 - transitions in videos
27:12 - colour grading your video
31:30 - video timelines!
33:16 - exporting time! (settings)
35:42 - outro
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hi i'm Emily Ferrier and i make vlogs! some vlogs i make are thrifting videos like thrift with me, productivity videos, try on hauls, day in the life videos, what i eat in a day, what i eat in a week and other fashion and lifestyle aesthetic channel videos! I also make cool editing videos referencing video games and studio ghibli movies! these videos can be found in my "choose your fighter" playlist! they are my fav videos to edit!
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