Therapist Plays Wandersong (Full/Unedited VOD, Stream Part 1)


This has been recommended a lot, so let's go!

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A musical platforming adventure with an emotional story. Play as a silly bard and use music to interact with everything on a journey around the world. Along the way you'll explore, solve puzzles, and meet a huge cast of characters!

Disclaimers: YouTube cannot be a substitution for therapy. I cannot provide specific advice, clinical services, or diagnoses to anyone on this platform (or to video game characters or other people I'm not specifically working with). All content is for educational and entertainment purposes only. My content can only be reflective of my personal opinions, and not representative of every mental health experience or mental health professionals in general. Your experience may be different from how I talk about things, and that's okay.

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or text NAMI to 741741
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