Top 10 2d animation software | Open-Source software.


Hey there everyone. What's up. Today I'll be telling you 10 great programs to make 2d animation. They are all opensource and free to use for personal as well as commercial use! Here they are:
10. Stykz
Download link:

9. Pivot animator
Download link:

8. Pencil 2d
Download link:

7. The Wick editor
No need to download, it's an online animation program

6. TupiTube by Maefloresta
Download link:

5. Krita
Download link:

4. Synfig Studio
Download link:

3. Vectorian Giotto
Unfortunately, this program is no longer under development, so, you have to download this from a 3rd party website

2. Blender

1. Opentoonz
Original version:
Opentoonz experimental(the best version):

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