Toxicity - System of a Down - Drum Cover


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Toxicity - System of a Down
from the 2001 release System of a Down
is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).

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Toxicity by System of a Down is such pretty aggressive song. Full of force and energy.

To be honest its pretty challenging song to play. Mainly for two

1) The fills are pretty calculated and

2) Did I mention, the fills that happen are not that easy

But, be on the look I may just have a lesson on how to play this song more easily on drums on the way!

The equipment I use:
Drums: The drum kit I am playing here on this video is a Mapex Orion. Its a 6 piece drum kit. Tom sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16.

Cymbals: The cymbals are all Zildjian: A

Moongel: I am a fan of moongel on all the drums. It dampens the sound and makes it more If you have a problem with overtones, definitely give it a

Microphones: I use Audix microphones

Bass Drum Pedal: The pedal used here is an Axis longboard.

Recording Software: Cubase Elements 10

Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 16

Digital Interface: Behringer XR18

Drum Sticks: Pro Mark 5A Nylon Tip

Camera: 2 x Canon 800D. 1 x Sony Handycam
Sound recording software
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