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Learn how to setup free and automatic audio or video to text transcription. In this tutorial, I will cover how to convert your speech to text for easier and faster transcribing using audio virtual cable and power of Google Voice Typing. Thanks for watching.


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Hi, and welcome to this tutorial. I will show you how to transcribe and how to use this google speech to text to become audio or mp3 files to text. It will be very useful for you and of course it's free and the set up is a very very easy and very easy and fast. To actually do this we need a driver, additional driver for our sound card. To do this just go to your google and type virtual cable, ok, and you will get got this result on a first page. You can go to the virtual audio virtual apps. Over here we got our virtual cable, just scroll down, all down over here to download this cable, and click this big orange download button, and it will download us, for example, to your desktop click save, minimize your chrome. If you open it you will get a lot of these files, so don't just 7-zip and go to extract here because you will swarm the desktop. Instead use this, and it will create the subfolder for our virtual cable. So just go inside this virtual cable and choose the installation that you want. You will this window and just click install driver. Okay, you need to add an administrator and just right click it and run it in the as the administrator, click yes, and click again install a driver, and this is it. You might reboot your system to finalize installation come back after you reboot your computer. Hi and welcome back if you rebooted your computer now it's a perfect time to continue. You can go to you can see your changes by going down there and in this right click on this speaker and playback devices. If you click this, you will get this all your devices and this one will be our cable virtual cable. This one and in recording devices also we got our cable driver. What I'm going to do now is that I prepared one mp3 file and one video file, so you can see how this works when I enable these drivers. I will not be able to comment on the on the transcription process because it will turn off my microphone and I won't be able to hear anything because it will also turn off my speakers. So to do this you can just go to your google drive and in your google drive just click a new, a newgoogle docs. If I go again in my a sound, in my sound I will now enable all of that and play mp3 file and play this video file you won't hear me so just watch it. Okay I am back and you will you see that we just we just write the text which was talk on the audio file and one tip is that don't leave this screen, and first you want to try to you want to click play, play your video file or your audio file and then click record device. One thing only I want to show you so you don't need to every time click on this thing and click on the playback devices and recording devices, and so on, is to just go and find, for example, audio switcher. And go to audio switcher home, after you go here and you just click this, this is a free program, and click download on just to go on a desktop and click save, click save and in the zip file you can see this audio switcher, just put it on a desktop, close the zip file, you can also delete those files you don't need anymore, and if you click audio switcher, you got this audio switcher, you got this pane, you also have this cable input and in the recording pane you get this cable output driver. You can adjust the hotkey and set up, for example, this one click save I'm sorry this is in the use, and click save. And you have a hotkey when you need to switch between the devices. If you just need this play a bit and you will find out your perfect solution.
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