Types Of Sales Calls and how to crush them to grow your agency


Types of sales calls, see the full article here

With so many types of sales calls it’s about time that we started our dive into various types and how to crush your sales call goals.

Okay, so now we are getting into it. Once we have our leads in place and ready to start making those leads into clients, we will do this.

Record Your Sales calls
success by recording types of salles calls
Let’s start with one golden nugget that has helped me throughout scaling my agency: recording sales calls. This is a trick that I picked up from grant Cardone, who recorded all of his sales calls in his early days to go back to them later and improve his own selling. Record all of your sales calls when you are taking them and produce a transcript. This can quickly be done by using loom screen recording software, which will transcribe everything for you.

This one piece of advice will help you across all sales call types and will directly lead to you having more success within your marketing.

Giving Feedback
Once you have transcribed your sales call, use this information to read through and see where you can improve. For example, use the video recording you took to study your facial expressions, tone of voice, etc.

then sit and give yourself honest feedback, were you showing what you should of, did you look confidant enough, look at all of the variables, and then think how you can improve on each of these
Sound recording software
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