Univoyager - Massive 3D Clouds Rendering and Graphics Improvements - Dev Video 10


Finally a new video! :)

This time the video does not show a journey in real time but a series of clips taken in various stages of the tests concerning the rendering of the 3d clouds.
I hope you like it, the next video will show instead, as per tradition :), a seamless (interstellar!)

Having solved in the past all issues related to memory management, cascaded shadows, complex coordinate calculations, what required a lot of time now was the massive management of the instances (clouds / objects on the ground / asteroids).
In fact, in addition to the common issues of instances regarding performance drops and memory optimizations, the most difficult thing was also making it dynamic and procedural, recreating all the instances at every regular interval and mapping them in the player's space.

The reason I didn't post updates was just that, I was working in "low-level" mode and had no photos and videos to show.

Now that everything is solved, I am proceeding with the further step: improving the rendering regarding the differentiation of biome types on the planet, with the three-dimensional vegetation.
In addition, I am also finishing the rendering of the asteroids ;)

After these phases, I will finally have a product that can begin the alpha testing phase.

Thank you all for your support and love!


Please note that this is a video captured during the development phase and may not represent the final version of the videogame. Many features needs still to be added or improved.

Univoyager™ is an upcoming space flight and combat simulator videogame with procedural terrain rendering and seamless interstellar and interplanetary transfers.

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