Using reverb to create space with Alan Meyerson


A sneak peek in which Alan Meyerson takes home recordings and makes them feel like a live orchestra using convolution reverb.
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Join Alan Meyerson to explore the music of the award-winning 2020 movie 'Mank'! In this series, Meyerson describes how he has redefined his workflow in light of restricted access to commercial studios and sessions. He takes you through his compact yet highly efficient home setup, discussing his transition to a different process and environment. Alan explains how he has managed to continue achieving world-class results on major film and game scores with his new simplified rig. He refers to a number of projects undertaken since early 2020 and shares the ways in which he has harnessed technology to get the job done consistently and without compromise. Taking you through his Pro Tools mix session of 'Mank', Alan Meyerson plays the various parts, details how they were recorded by solo musicians, and reveals an impressive convolution plug-in that has been a saviour in his line of work!
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