Viewer Questions: How to E85 a 2007 Civic Si, Automatic JDM TSX Swap ECU, K24A4 No Start


Viewer Questions: How to E85 a 2007 Civic Si, Automatic JDM TSX Swap ECU, K24A4 No Start
By Brian Gillespie and Aaron Gaghagen

Knowledge is power and we want you to have the power to get your projects on the road/track. So, we present to you the next edition of "Your Questions, Our Answers." We present the questions exactly how we get them so you can get the experience of trying to decipher what some people are trying to say. It's not to shame people, but to show what we are trying to answer to the best of our abilities.

91Sickness- YT- I have a few questions idk if you guys will reply or not but I want to start of by saying this was a VERY helpful and informative video but did you guys find out what the engine code was for and why? And also I’m planning on doing this swap in my 05 accord and I wanted to know can I use my accord ecu with the accord automatic tranny without a tune on the ecu? And also I was told that I would have to put my accord throttle body on the tsx intake manifold cause it’s a jdm tsx engine and I just wanted to know if that’s true I would realllllyyyyy appreciate it if you could let me know no I have talked can give me a straight answer. Thank you

Roger Roge- YT- Is there a special underdash harness that I can get made I have a 03 Honda Accord with a K24a4 vtec killer tsx cams and cam gear and I can’t get it to start coil pack. 1&2 get hot on stock harness with kpro. I have a k20 harness but I can’t connect it to the under dash. And tips guys?

@ IG- Hello Honda Family, I was wondering if I can get some help. I have a 07 Si and converting to E85. I already have the the E85 Fuel Pump, I was wondering what else do I need? Do I need to change the injectors and Add anything else, Im new to all this, and was wondering if theirs parts from other Hondas that would work on this project, I heard the injectors of an ACURA RDX might work but thats why im reaching out to someone that truly knows. I appreciate your help on this project. Love the Channel.

Thank You: Daniel Cruz.
God Bless.

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