VSDC Video Editor Tutorial 2021 -The Best FREE Video Editor (Updated Beginners Guide)


In today’s tutorial, I am going to be showing you how to use VSDC , the newest version of VSDC’s video editor. There’s been a lot of additions to both the free and pro versions of VSDC that we will be covering, including the addition of motion tracking, bezier curves, interface updates, new transitions, and more!

In my opinion, VSDC is the best free video editing software available because it is a fully functional video editor that you can use and with no watermarks. VSDC is also a very lightweight video editor and has advanced features which I will be going over in this VSDC tutorial. You can always use the free version of VSDC video editor since it is free and feature-rich, and even if you want all the features, the pro version of VSDC is only $!

Download the VSDC video editor for free:
VSDC New Features for :
All VSDC New Features:
VSDC Pro ($20):

Project video files:
Download "VSDC (2021) Tutorial Files"

I will be teaching you how to use the VSDC video editor by making a commercial from start to finish. In this VSDC tutorial, we will be covering how to navigate the editor, as well as add videos, images, text, and audio. We’ll also be going over new features of VSDC Free and Pro such as motion tracking, masking, and updated animations. Finally, I will also be going over how to split clips and add visual effects, transitions, and other modifications to your content so that it is ready to export as a YouTube video.

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