Windows 11 4k Gaming: Darksiders III (Epic Preset on GTX1080ti 11gb)


NOTES: 4k resolution does not work on Fullscreen in this game. It will show 3840x2160 on full screen but it is actually just 1080p. You have to do the following to play at true 4k resolution
-Set desktop resolution to 3840x2160
-Set game's display mode to Window
-Set game's resolution to 3840x2160
Xeons can't game the say. Watch this Single Xeon E5 2690 V2 System take on Nvidia GTX1080ti on games and be the judge.

RECORDING SOFTWARE: Nvidia Shadowplay (I get higher FPS w/o recording)
GAME: Darksiders III
Display RESOLUTION: 4k (3840x2160)
Render Resolution: n/a
SETTINGS: Epic Preset
GPU DRIVER: Studio Driver
WINDOWS: 11 build Pro Ver:Dev
GPU: GTX1080ti 11gb
RAM: 16Gb ECC 1866mhz
MOTHERBOARD: Huananzhi (2020 release with Nvme , Sata , , )
CPU: Intel Xeon E5 2690 Version2 with 10cores/20threads
PSU: Aone BIT 80+ 750w
CASE: Keytech T300
HDD: 4Tb Skyhawk
SSD: 120Gb
FANS: 5x 120mm
CPU cooler: YGT CLA4200 Plus 4Pipes with 120mm RGB Fan
Driver for windows
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