Windows 7 Forgotten Password / Password Reset - Without CDs or Software


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IF YOU CANNOT FIND SETHC: Hissan Khalid has a solution.
"Just look at bottom of window, click drop-down arrow , then click "All-files""

Instead of putting user Jenny or your name just put Administrator then make up a password - worked for "Calvin"

Intro Music (Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release]):

- Disrupt boot cycle by turning off computer while booting into windows
- Launch windows startup repair
- Click cancel when it asks you to restore
- Click 'view problem details' tab when it says it cannot repair you're computer.
- Scroll to the bottom to find the link
- Click the link 'X:\windows\' - This should open a text file.
- Click file then open in the corner of the text file
- Locate then open the 'Local Disk'
- Change 'Files of type' drop down menu to 'All file types'
- Click on Windows, System 32
- Locate 'SETHC' (application) and rename it to 'SETHC0'
- Locate CMD, copy it and paste it at the bottom of the list.
- Change the name of the copied CMD to 'SETHC'
- Close all the windows
- Click finish and reboot your computer normally.

- Press shift (below CAPS LOCK) 5 times quickly. The command prompt window should appear.
- Type into the command prompt window: 'net user'
- Then type 'net user [YOU'RE USERNAME] *
- Type your new password (the characters will not appear)
- Repeat you're new password
- Login to that account using the new password.
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