Working on the TI-99


WARNING: There is a 15kHz whine from the CRT monitor in a few shots. Unfortunately, I have tinnitus and couldn’t hear it at all during filming, editing or even the final confirmation check. My normal lapel mic usually doesn’t pick it up, but in a few shots, I used a different mic, and it apparently picked it up very strongly. I apologize for this, I should have visually checked the audio waveform form before uploading. On the plus side, if you can hear, congratulations, you still have excellent hearing!

I found myself in an interesting situation where I needed to make a spreadsheet, so I pulled out the latest and greatest piece of spreadsheet software I had, Microsoft Multiplan, and got to work. Or, at least I tried to, but my TI-99 wasn’t having it, so before we can get to the spreadsheet, we gotta fix the old TI!

Disclaimer: I'm not very well versed in either the TI-99 or TI990, so everything mentioned here may be mildly or grossly incorrect!

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Intro Music adapted from:
Artist: The Runaway Five
Title: The Shinra Shuffle

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0:00 Not… That…?
2:30 Intro
3:55 Disassembly
5:15 A Little History
10:07 Troubleshooting
15:03 Reassembly and Testing
16:22 Victory!
18:26 Kittens!
Working with graphics
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