Working Title CJ4 | Microsoft Flight Simulator | IFR conditions into Manchester EGCC | Episode 83


Working Title CJ4 | IFR conditions into Manchester EGCC | Episode 83

Hello folks, thanks for stopping by! In this video, we'll be carrying about of adventure tourists from Basel back to Manchester. When we leave Basel, the weather is beautiful but the approach into Manchester greets us with IFR conditions almost down to minimums. Let's see how well this goes!

00:00 - Intro while taxiing to the gate - My video card was lost!
04:37 - Takeoff
07:57 - Flight briefing and weather in Manchester
14:31 - Descent
15:01 - Approach briefing - ILS Runway 5R
26:08 - Passenger briefing
33:00 - Mutant cloud
35:53 - Getting thick in the soup on our base leg
37:45 - Back into another thick layer of clouds before landing
40:01 - Runway visible
41:30 - Landing
47:16 - Tour of Manchester airport scenery

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Mic: Blue Yeti
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