Wrong Way... Up? Starting the year with a BLAMMO!


Welcome to a new challenge for our intrepid engineers, not only are they tasked with reaching the North pole but they've started awkward. Luck isn't going to be enough to survive this.

For the other perspectives head to:
DirectedEnergy: (VOD available later in the week)

Mod list (excluding mods which will remain private for a variety of reasons):
Sneaky Sounds -
Build Vision -
Build Info -
Paint Gun -
Aerodynamic Physics -
HUD Modern and Fancy -
HUD Compass -
UfoL's Bullet Tracers -
Screen Gunk Be Gone -
High Power Spotlight -
MA Spotlight Pack -
Exploding Gas Tanks -
Robot Raider Pods -
No Lightning Damage -
Elysium -
Modular Encounters Systems -
Assertive Combat Systems - not yet released, coming soon
Rover Passenger Seat -
Myke's Compact Passenger Seat -
Impossible Images -
Aerodynamic Wings -

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- my cooperative channel with Capac
- my experimental and Twitch stream backup channel

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Music and Sound Effects by:
Space Engineers

Extra music by these amazing artists:
Kevin Macleod

Plus extra tracks from and Epidemic Sound (subscriptions supported through patreon).
Working with graphics
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