Zero to One: How to Integrate a Graphical Editor in a Cloud IDE


Going from Java code to DSL & EMF generation enables us to scale our creation of domain specific tooling in ways that aren't possible with a code only approach—which is a good thing! But as we provide desktop applications, one must examine and address the deployment and maintenance questions. The truth is that desktop applications are not very good at solving these issues.

By introducing Sirius Web, our goal is not only to provide a way to render graphical modelers in your browser but also to go one step further by providing a full web experience from your first DSL concept to your end user graphical studio entirely in the browser and fully integrated in your Cloud IDE.

In this session, we’ll present for the first time, how to integrate a graphical designer to VS Code and Theia. The demo will show how to get in one breath in your Cloud IDE our graphical editor your model explorer your properties views …all provided by one powerful framework, Sirius Web!

We will demonstrate all examples using 100% open-source software, live and in real time. Come and join us!
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